HiBar Hospitality Group

HiBar Hospitality Group.

Raising the bar on hospitality

Here, hospitality is not a word, but an experience that is best served by people who give a damn. Our team of talented and passionate individuals live to raise the bar on yesterday’s expectations and deliver unforgettable dining experiences.

But to truly transform the hospitality world, we need to expand into new destinations. We’re hungry for new opportunities and partners to join us on our mission to elevate the way hospitality is served.

Beer pouring into schooner.
Two burgers on trays.
Fries being tossed in salt and herbs.

Reinventing the way hospitality is served

Our premium collection of brands within HiBar Hospitality represent our commitment to delivering unforgettable experiences.
  • Customers in front of Hopdoddy Burger Bar.

    Born in Austin, Hopdoddy pushes the boundaries of what’s expected by bringing together craft beer and unique burger concoctions – all with high-quality ingredients and even higher standards.

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  • Interior of Grub Kitchen & Bar.

    Grub believes in big flavors, delivered by friendly people combined with a lively environment makes food feel and taste better.

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Hopdoddy employees. Black and white image.HiBar Hospitality Group logos.

Join our team

Looking to grow your career while working in an exciting environment with exceptional people by your side? Join our team of motivated and talented individuals who are on a mission to raise the bar on hospitality.

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